If you are from Lincolon you better show up!!!

  I am calling you out Lincolon boys! You better show up at my party!

  I read your fancy smancy zines and the 4000 blogs yinz maintain, well I wanna see my name in lights. So come to my party and you can sleep on my floor and blog about my party!

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Blogger cvo said...

hmmm, called out...
almost a challenge...


well, I have a bike race sunday morning at Landahl..

( I gotta be there for that, heartland race championship, and well, I am a bike race dork..)

If hoss lets me put in for a vacation day on friday, I could rent a car, drive up, maybe ride 7 oaks, on the way up and lebonon hills, stop in, give you a birthday present... hang out for a bit,, but mid afternoon I gotta take off and drive to Kc, sleep, get up, race, (maybe against zeke?)
and then come home to work at the bar...

lets see, all I gotta do is clear it with work and well... shit why not...wtf else am I gonna do? sit in D street and sweat all day?

8:22 PM  
Blogger Skip Bernet said...

I can't read this.

4:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dude your extruding sausage in your sink..........cool

8:21 PM  

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