Pastor Paul Goulet

  Pastor Paul works down at the International Church of Las Vegas. What a blessing this guy is!  I was watching TBN, cause I do that. And the good Pastor was giving a powerful testimony about how the power of the Holy spirit was over him when his was praying for a deal on a new car.

  STOP, this is where you hear the record makes a scratching to a halt noise. You were praying for a new car, and you felt the Holy Spirit come over you; and even the salesman felt it, it was that powerful huh? You are a dick! All the fat cows in your audience are sheep and your shit doith stink!

  TBN... what a piece of work. They actually broadcasted an interview with this guy as he professed the power of the Holy Spirit got him a good deal on a new car. The host of the show even agreed saying, "thats the power of prayer" and "that's what prayers for". Does TBN really think that is what Prayer is for? Or are all the slick Willy's down at TBN just shepards of the ignorant masses.

  If you watch this crap with your hands up, palms up and speaking in tongues, you are a sucker and god is not listening to your desires for a bigger house. I would bet good money on it.

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