This is how my broken heart looks

  I thought the Nebraska boys would represent at my party, but they must not think it is that important.  Maybe Johnny will come and tell everyone he is from Nebraska so I can at least pretend.

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Blogger thad said...

maaaaan. i feel the persecution. sorry i/we couldn't make it. sounds like cvo did though. we had local lad Bonsall's 32nd to ring in here in the star city.

you do have to admit however that we lincolnites make it up there a bit more often then you mineapolis hipsters ever make it down here. true?

so bring some of that sausage down here. did i just type that?.....

11:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

B. Rose, I've got one of these same cheap ass chinese cheap ass vices like this one you have broken. Found it on the street while cruising up the River Parkway in St. Paul. A guy had put it out by the curb for someone to take, so I did. Long story short, mine broke awhile back. What did I do, I did what any smart man would do, I bought a MIG welder and put it back together. So after a bit of grinding, some welding and a bit more grinding it's as true as it was before

Joe M.

7:43 PM  

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