I can fix it...

  Our country is in great peril. We are polarized into factions against each other and we have come to an impasse. The government has been taken over by a group that wants religious freedom to be mandatory,  everyone should be mandated to express their freedom by believing in Jesus. The rich are shoveling the poor into giant money making ovens, the lives of the poor are being burnt up and wasted in a daily grind just to survive. Minorities are the stepping stones of the ignorant power mongers.

  Oil companies have us in a strangle hold that doesn't seem to be able to be broken and the Bushies are sitting at the top of the pyramid laughing all the way to the bank.

  All this boiled down to one thing, the Christian Right wants power and money, and they will prop up the current regime to make their dreams come true. Well I have come up with a win win for everyone.

  If you live in the suburbs, you are no longer aloud to vote. People in the suburbs are to ignorant to know what is really going on. They don't know hummus from Hamas, fuck'em. I will fix it all. If you live in the suburbs, you no longer get to vote. But I will give concessions to make all fair.

What you loose;

  1. You no longer have the right to vote in any elections.

What you gain;

  1. All suburbanites will get a tax break, money is interchangeable with morality in your world anyway. Now you can have both.
  2. You can pray in schools. Prayer is a weapon you use to indoctrinate your youth and push your views, now you can do it in schools. Shit, pray all you want; it's your time a wastin.
  3. You can put giant statues of the ten commandments in front of all your buildings and Wal*Marts. Anywhere you want, you aren't ever gonna read them anyway.
  4. All abortions will be banned in the suburbs. All the "promise keepers" will have to drive into the city to get their dirty little sins absolved.
  5. In the suburbs you will be aloud to teach that the earth is only 6000 years old and dinosaurs lived on Noah's Ark.
  6. There will be NO stem cell research in the suburbs. The only fetal killing will be the offing of excess fertilized eggs from mad scientist fertility clinics so you can be "MORE fruitful and multiply MORE".

  And walaa... Everything will be fixed. After these changes government will be able to function and actually make a difference because they won't be hamstrung by the pseudo Christian ideals that are strangling rational thought.

   The Christian right, aka the "wasn't us" group who elected this yahoo will be able to live in their own little world without accountability for what they have put into motion.

  Problem solved.

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