Crown Vick, prince of jackasses...

  When I was growing up there were dog fights in my neighborhood, cock fights and everyone played the numbers. I grew up in a very blue collar area and these were ways you could make a whole weeks worth of money in one lucky night. The brutality of the events played second fiddle to the brutality of everyday life. These were poor, uneducated people, savages by the standards we hold polite society to.

  Now Mr. Vick, did go to college and he made it through with no student loans. Virginia Tech on a full scholarship. This is a great start for a young man who grew up in the projects. I am not much older than Mr. Vick but I am sure he saw some of the same things I did growing up.

  What I expect is that he will make it through this without any real scars at all. A 22 million dollar signing bonus and he still felt the need to get involved with dog fighting. Let us put this into perspective, I have read that over fifty dogs were euthanized because this millionaire thought they should be trained and raised as killers.

  Mr. Vick the millionaire, was collecting money from gambling and personally handing out death sentences to dogs that did not perform well in the ring. Did I mention he was a millionaire? Did I mention that like so many dickhead football players he displaced someone who could of lead a decent life with a Virginia Tech education. But instead HE got a scholarship and millions of dollars.

  Goathork has the fix. Since our corrupt star struck, red blooded football loving court system will let this guy walk anyway, let's save the court costs and let him go totally free. Then if Mr. Vick the millionaire,  doesn't play well in one of his upcoming games we can put him in a sack and drown him, or maybe beat him to death. That seems to be the sportsmanship he understands. Then his millions can be used to make a positive difference in someone's life instead of funding another professional sports role model gone bad.

  My good friend the Polish Hammer recently had to suffer through the death of his dog. I have not talked to Hammer but I am sure he is profoundly affected by the death of Malice. One dog (or cat, or any animal) can mean so much to a person and pet owners know that they will one day pay the price for that love. Mr. Vick the millionaire, should pay that price with his millions of dollars for countless animals he has caused the death of , he admitted many by his own hands.


RIP Malice

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