I have decided to sit this one out based on two facts...

Fact 1:In Minneapolis when you get a bike ride together, drunkenness is the order of the day. A keg at every stop, a flask in every pocket and a 12 pack of PBR in every non messenger bag.

Fact 2: I have traveled a bit and lived in some other places. Minneapolis is one of the very best cities to ride a bike in. Those pushing the limits and taunting traffic should move to the frontline's of cities that are not as bike friendly.

  These two facts lead me to one conclusion. It would be best for you to stay at home and do your drinking there, throwin them back and taunting traffic will just fuck it up for everyone else. This is no bandwagon to jump on and I have heard the story way to many times today to think that it was just innocent bystanders victimized by the car driven "man".

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