Desperate times call for desperate measures OR The coolest fucking plane other than the A-10

Let me geek out for a minute, the V-22 is fucking awesome!! It is probably the best, most effective aircraft Boeing has ever made!! If it was reliable. The V-22 has been hit or miss since day one. It's capabilities are awesome and it's cost is phenomenal, but does not have a great track record. This is the Millenium Falcon of our age!

  But the Osprey is not ready for combat on a full scale, this has been said over and over. The Marines have been fighting to keep this project alive for years and things have finally gotten expensive enough that it is now safe from the chopping block but putting it on combat duty in Western Iraq is surely just eye candy for the media.

  This plain currently is the only active aircraft to crash more than the Blackhawk helicopter. And it will be launched without, let me repeat that; WITHOUT its firesystem. It will be sent into combat without the gun systems that have been planned since day one. Although I love this plane and I think the Marines have always been the wisest of the armed forces when it comes to armament selection; I think they are making a mistake here. Remember the Hind? The Mi-24 is an awesome machine, it almost won Afghanistan for the Russians, then America taught Osama and his buddies how to  use the Stinger shoulder launched missile, and that made a flight in a Mi-24 Hind a kiss of death.  The Osprey has a very similar flight pattern and speed as the Hind and there are still a lot of Stingers in that part of the world.

  I think that this will in time just be another similarity for people to point out when comparing Iraq to Russia -vs- Afghanistan or USA -vs- Vietnam.  But god damn the V-22 is an awesome plane and I hope to fly one someday when the revolution comes. 

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

the v-22 has been in the works since the early 1960's. I too have marveled at that vehicle for years!
When you get to captain one, may I copilot?

6:49 PM  
Blogger cvo said...

you had me with the pic of the falcon...

12:57 PM  
Blogger justonemore said...

Brian, I sense some internal conflict with your hatred of the current government and blackwater. But it is fucking cool.


11:05 AM  

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