Don't be a Turkey!

  Genocide is a Big, Big word. When an incident is identified as a genocide, it means a lot. The word itself is pretty new. Raphael Lemkin invented the word Genocide in 1944, there was nothing else that could describe what had happened to the Jews at the hands of the Nazi's.

  When the Ottoman Empire fell there was an attempt to wipe Armenians off the face of the planet. 1.5 million were killed, and Turkey denies it was genocide.

  Ok, fast forward to now. There is a resolution for the US to recognize the killing of 1.5 million ethnic Armenians as genocide. But George Bush and his crew are pushing to kill this resolution; not because they don't believe it's real but because they do not want to upset Turkey.

  If we had thought out our war with Iraq we wouldn't have to suck on Turkey's teat so we can move our tools of destruction through there country. Turkey are fair weather friends anyway. Today they have diplomatic relations with us, tomorrow they might not and that is without considering the Genocide bit.

  Fuck Turkey, be men and call it what it is. It is never to late to start doing the right thing. 1915 was a long time ago, but as it was recently said, "Denial is the last step of the last genocide and the first step of the next genocide". 

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