Radiohead... revisited...

  So I got this..."You've proven your idiocy on many occasions, but to call Radiohead boring? Have you listened to The Bends or OK Computer?
Influential to millions, groundbreaking, and relevant. You'd like them if they weren't popular, admit it." and this "Dear Mr. Rose...Have you sold millions of records the world over? Have you played to sold out crowds while playing day in and day out on world tours?".

  Just do what you're told and continue to refill your subscription. 

  I would like them if they were interesting, I am just not into shoe gazing that much. I can name a ton of bands that have sold millions of albums and sold out to sold out crowds, but we all know that doesn't make them any good. Smashing Pumpkins, Rage Against the Machine and Led Zeplin are perfect examples.

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Blogger snackeyp said...

You forgot to add Huey Lewis to your list.

1:54 PM  
Blogger proxy said...

And you forgot to spell correctly the name of one of the bands you are attempting to lambast.

Come on, Brian! "Gish" was a great record! And Rage's first album was a great record, too! And to poke at the heavy blimp....man...that's rough. You gonna fly some hardcore flag in our faces? Maybe throw in a real mosh-pitty kind of "fuck that!" to prove the depth of your conviction to this end.

Pish posh.

Oh, and that pic a few posts up? I fucked that goat. Hard. Right in the ass.

Made me think of you on the bus.

4:18 PM  

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