Don't mess with Texas...

  Two things that suck about America; One is Tennessee the other is Texas. Tennessee is a beautiful state that is filled with criminals. Everyone in Tennessee is a criminal, the whole state; nothing but crystal meth and domestic violence. It is like the national recruiting ground for police officers.

  Then there is Texas, capital punishment capital of the country. Religious fever and politic hypocrisy run wild in Texas. Racism is alive and well in the lonestar state, and ignorance is the state bird.

   Your average red blooded Texan spends all his time milking bulls and hiding his true sexual feelings; but loves to complain about immigration. Sure, sure; Texans don't like to do grunt work or pay anyone a living wage to do grunt work but they love to complain about the people that are doing the grunt work. I think it is time for Texas to turn in its union card, and by union I mean it is time for us to go back to 49 states, the Alamo was a waste of time.

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Blogger Patch O'Houli said...

Being as I am from TN, if most of my remaining relatives living there (as well as my ex-wife) weren't harboring criminal records I'd have to kick your ASS. But, bravo, B Rose! After all, there is a reason I don't live in TN anymore. And we won't even mess with Texas.

1:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm sorry Brian but that's not true (about Tennessee)ALMOST everyone in Tennessee is a crinminal...
One of my best friends is from Tennessee, he's awesome, but, he's from the hills. All the cool people live in the hills. Appalachian music is great too.
Oh, I just heard that the pilot who dropped the atom bomb on hiroshima died. hmmm...

10:35 AM  

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