Is this your car?










  As you blew by me, coming only inches from running over my foot and taking my car door with you; the look on your face was blank and distant.

  It seemed as if you wanted to ask me a question, so here is the answer. "No that is not a race car and you don't seem like a good driver. Yes you do drive directly down the middle of the street, at least you did all the way from the bakery to where you turned off Humbolt. Yes; you are a jackass." I hope that helps and maybe someday we will have more time together.

  If this car belongs to a friend of yours tell him I have seen 17yo girls texting on their sidekicks while driving and doing a better job than him.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shit, sorry man... that was me, on my way to a spinning class with my new Trek Madone.

I get a little crazy when I carry carbon fibre in my lil' Subby.

I wasn't texting though, just masterbating to an old Donna Summer tune on my XM... which probably explains the vacant expression on my face.


5:09 PM  
Blogger One Eyed z said...

mmmm... 17 year old girls who have text...

5:39 PM  

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