The needle and the damage done...

  Blood tests in the work place are what the world uses to detect criminal activity amongst it workforce. As the world starts to use Blood tests to decide what your life is worth to preserve, i.e. insurance rates; we are selling ourselves to the Insurance Industry wholesale. Our life become theirs as they decide what activities are permitted and put a price tag on the activities they don't agree with.




  We all know breeders are just as much a reason insurance rates rise as anything else among a young workforce, I wouldn't tell anyone not to have kids because of the cost of insurance and I wouldn't expect anyone to tell me what I can't do because of their insurance rates.

  It won't take long to realize that things like drinking alcohol, smoking pot, snorting cocaine, shooting heroin, huffing gas, unprotected sex, a gay lifestyle, civil unions, motorcycles, not wearing a helmet, any form of contact with zito, brauer, hurl or geno and riding around town on a Wednesday night also can lead to higher insurance rates.






  It is really none of my business but I feel for you brothers and sisters. I will think of you everytime I celebrate my freedom. And you can just try and stop me.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

what the hell is a pre-existing condition anywho... just filled out my 'benefits election' form yesterday...i feel cheap and used.

9:30 AM  
Blogger justonemore said...

not trying to get you all riled up again, but think of where your cigarette money goes at the end of the day. Yes crack too. Not a further pander with the insurance rant but a thought to consider.


2:49 PM  

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