A Thankful Goat...

   Goats are smart creatures, that can be said about many animals, pigs, squids, octopi and whales. But a goat is more than just smart, you can have a conversation with a goat and understand what he is trying to say. He might be saying, "I want up there!" or "Let me taste that!". And if a goat is thankful you know it, he lets you know and you think , "wow; he really enjoyed that handful of feed".

  This is my endeavor to do the same, I am thankful:

  1. For my beautiful wife.
  2. For all the people that indulge me by reading my blog.
  3. For all the people that have used Shockspital this year.
  4. For all the fucking great friends I have in Minneapolis, my friends make me feel like a superstar.
  5. For Jon Stewart, he helps me sleep at night. He lets me know that there are other people in the world who get it.
  6. For all the great people I have met at the coffee shop.
  7. For my new phone.
  8. For Valerie Plame and everyone else who has raised a middle finger to salute the Bushies.
  9. For the suburbs, because without them my neighborhood would be filled with Jackasses in big SUV's that don't know anything they didn't learn from Fox news and their church.
  10. For Jerry Fallwell, because he made it so easy to say the Christian Right is full of shit. Let's not forget Pat Robertson also.
  11. 11.  For Zito's resiliency, he is a walking lesson for us all to head.
  12. 12.  For fixed gears, because the give a whole group of people something to feel superior about.
  13. 13.  For Barrack Obama, and Mr. Bydon, and other candidates that shoot straight and speak out for change.
  14. For Heidi Fliess, Sarah Silverman, Sandra Berhardt and Valerie Plame.
  15. For Goats.
  16. For RAGBRAI, it is the only week where I totally relax (except when Carl puts her hands all over my body).
  17. For my remote control helicopter.
  18. For Fruita, CO and all who dwell there (especially the Hot Tomatoes).
  19. For my special new Tea friend who will not be named.
  20. 20.  For my god given right to smoke cigarettes, shoot guns and piss you off while doing it.
  21. 21.  For the words of Kurt V. "There is a tragic flaw in our precious Constitution, and I don't know what can be done to fix it. This is it: Only nut cases want to be president."
  22. 22.  For my special helper at Shockspital.
  23. 23.  For PUCH and the awesome freedom and power that comes with owning a Moped.
  24. For 7 of one and half dozen of the other.
  25.  For deciding at the bargining of this list I would stop at 25.

PS, special thanks to; FC, ES, AC, ER, NS,CS, PL, TL, MD, JR, BJ, BJ's, BS, EN, SK, GF, GOD, HP, R, E, The Barlow Family, CRC, FU, OU812, HBO, DFL, DL, TD, The Venture Brothers, ML, AR, KM, TE, Magnum PI, Poirot, DCI Tom Barnaby, BTI, AW, ME, LA, The Bear, CQ, Anonymous, NRA, G, The number 8, OP, OPP, S, Pink, RS, M, Hormel Chili, Spam, DM, JHS, B&A D, TR, C, Guilt by Association, VP, GF, Vegans, K, G, S, W, RM, TM, AM, Q, L, DDR, The letter Y, TC, PR, MB, DG, JY, A, ER, ES, STC, BB, SK, GR, VIP, KV, MT, BD, and anyone else who has touched my life


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm thankful for B-Rose and Julie, who let me eat their food and share their company on Turkey Day.

11:31 PM  
Blogger bloodline said...

so i made myself a blog, tell yr. fiends http://troublecure.blogspot.com/

11:55 AM  
Blogger One Eyed z said...

Um... you for got the letter z. Or evern better the combo of letters that make the O.E.z.

5:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Come on man, who's #19?

Seriously, give it up...


9:18 PM  
Blogger proxy said...

Fuck. DA didn't make it.

And it's Senator "Biden".

11:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


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3:43 PM  

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