Lets talk money; GE money...

  WTF, I feel like an old friend has just become a JW.  My old friend is sending me letters talking about how easy it is for me to sign other people up and how much more money I can be making from the people around me.

"Hey its easy and you are really helping everyone out", and "Just read all these testimonials from other people that love the program". And of course no commitments and free equipment.

  Before you know I will be getting letters asking me to carry melaleuca or get involved with a sure fire MLM.

  Catch phrases and words like "convert "lookers" into "buyers"" and "value-add benefits" seem slimy and dirty to me. And if you try and talk me into thinking differently; you will to.

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Blogger bloodline said...

i won't talk you out of feeling slimy and dirty... i actually like that feeling tho'

9:54 PM  

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