More fallout from Americas falling currency... This time it's the children.

  Americas currency is falling faster than Hillary Clinton's popularity. The real casualties are the children; American children are  becoming victims to the drop in the dollar. European gamers are trouncing our good old American boys. As the value of the dollar falls lower than the value of George Bush as president; the burden falls on the should of our nations gamers.

  The American Mario Brothers coin is valued at 1UP per 100 coins. As the US Dollar falls so does the American Mario coin. As our Yankee youth scramble to collect every coin, European children are getting extra lives at the rate of 36 EuMario coins. 

  This trend will turn the tables on American gamers.  We have become the  laughing stock of the world. And now that Congress has found players of MLB 2K7 to be using cheat codes there is no hope for any dignity to wash upon our shores anymore.

  And this is not the end of this grim future. China has been in control of the extra player market for years in the states. Should China decide to change the value of the  US Mario the result could be fatal for Americans. All would be lost, our children might as well start reading books now.

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