UGK? Are you fucking kidding me? DJ Khaled? What the fuck does this guy do?  As far as I can tell this guy is just window dressing in terrible hip hop videos. A fat blob of a way point between fat Joe and some other jack ass trying to convince me of all the Bentleys he has.

  The fucked up thing is that in each UGK video you see the same cars, because they are all rented from  the same place! The girls? Yeah they are all the same, and I bet all the gold chains are delivered by the bucket full to the same set each day.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Before we relocated out here, from NYC, there were boatloads of dudes looking like that: everywhere in the city.

Amy would always get pissed at me because I'd approach them and say, "Nice uniform... which Mall you buy it at?".

99.9% of the guys I said it to didn't have the faintest clue how to respond.


9:31 PM  

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