2007 a year in revue...

New Blogs that I read:

  1. A Likable Douche Bag
  2. Large Fella on a Bike
  3. The Aldrich Ave Daily
  4. The What Not Shop Bike Shop Co-op

A list of things I don't like for 2007:

  1.   Immigration Reform: Do you want to know why there has never been a major immigration reform in the USA? Because we don't need it. We have more than enough jobs to keep us and all the immigrants we can muster working. If you live in a state the comes up with a stupid law such as "hireing an illegal immigrant is a felony" I recommend you move.  States that follow this misguided attempt at redneck influenced immigration control will suffer huge hits to there economy as they realize there is no one left to do their work.  Not to mention the industries that keep the suburbs strong rely on cheap Mexican labor to make ridiculously high profit margins.
  2.   Driving: I have only been driving for 5 years; it wasn't until I moved to Minneapolis that I got my driving license. In that 5 years I have seen civilization decay around me. Vehicles have gotten bigger, stop signs are run all the time and general mayhem rule the the day. The cell phone is the culprit for much of this; but the overall machismo of the young American seems to bring forth the most despicable driving behaviors.  "Gotta make the yellow light" and "I have 4 wheel drive there is no need to be cautious" are some of war cry's of the bad driver. Today the DOT announce that 34% of MN's driving fatalities are link to "distracted drivers". If you are driving, and on the phone; pull over and punch yourself in the face.
  3.   Dog Fad: Dogs are the new fixed gears. Everyone has gotta have one. And they need to bring it with them all the time. People complain about smoking in public places but they never address the fact that their dog smells like shit and wants to touch me in public places. 
  4.   Bush: I dislike Bush only 27% as much as I dislike people that supported him and continue to do so.
  5. I HATE Huckabees, there has never; as far as I can tell, anything good with the word Huckabees involved. And although Chuck Norris jokes are funny, the man himself is a redneck.
  6. Trucks 

A list of things I do like for 2007:

  1. The Nintendo Wii
  2. Casablanca
  3. Barack/Biden 08
  4. I like guns, abortion, gay rights, amnesty and I like to see kids in trench coats strike out against bully's.
  5. Valerie Plame
  6. John Stewart
  7. Citizen Kane

More to come...

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Blogger reverend dick said...

As for Chuck Norris...you do realize he stars in, produces, and sings the theme to: WALKER, TEXAS RANGER? Now that's good television.

7:26 PM  

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