File this under..."Are you F&#king Kidding me?"

  ST Cloud found another Swastika!! Am I supposed to believe that there is a sleeper cell of Nazi's cleverly disguised as college students in ST Cloud? They have been waiting, patiently waiting; till they could hold back no more! In lieu of the rebirth of the American Nazi movement (?) they are going with the more guerrilla practice of subversive graffiti.saloncov_aryan_compound This has to stop, before they rise up and... and what? Nothing that is what. It is the graffiti of a fool , and the fools are making asses of ST Cloud , it's law enforcement and the media that waits with baited breath for the next swastika unearthing.

  Yinz are the tools of jack ass kids. Even at best, giving the graffit-ers the most credit you can; they are only pimple faced fat guys trying to hide the fact they are gay from their pimple faced skinny guy friends. Think about it... You have seen the documentary's. You know what kind of people do this and they are not a fat1 threat. These images should not be sending St Cloud into an alarmed state. At worst all the appearance of  swastikas on campus says is that there are a lot of lonely, fat people in rural America. Are you surprised? America is all about obesity and ignorance. If St Cloud keeps worrying about this before you know it college kids are going to start drinking themselves to death out of worry instead of the usual stupid frat related reasons.

  Just let me sum this up. People that put swastikas around campus are not scary. Theynnrally are jackasses and it is unlikely these people have the courage to be anymore than a nuisance. The only power they have is the power the officials involved give them by taking notice.

  Drunk drivers, and binge drinkers are dangerous and represent a real threat in St Cloud. But these are things that a town like St Cloud can not begin to go against because it is engrained in their lives to deeply. WAKE UP!

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Blogger JMo said...

As a former St. Cloud-ite (is that right? Whatever.)
I would say you are spot on hombre.
The City n Media over-react to this sort of shit and some kid(s) with a can of fucking Krylon are all excited because of the attention.
Binge drinkers, drunk driver and over-indulgence in sauerkraut are the real threats in Cloudtown.


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