How can we get America back on top?

The same way we got there in the first place, with craftsmanship and by doing things the right way because it is the right way to do it. Everyone is after their piece of the pie, they all talk the talk but they are paying someone a crappy wage to do the actual walking.

I will show you how we become the good guys again. Doing something extraordinary for the sake of doing it, not for the money we can make. More margin won't make us whole again, only perfection can fill the hole dug out of this country's heart by the wealthy robber barons.

And here is perfection... God Bless America! Home of the BLT, kickin ass blue collar style.

As soon as this fucking juice fast is over I am gonna attempt to duplicate this; the best looking BLT I have ever seen.

I say good day sir!

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Blogger Bloodclot said...

Holy Crap! Count me in for a BLT-feast.

1:38 PM  

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