Soup ain't juice...

  Well it is day 3 of my juice fast. That's right I said JUICE FAST. I am not starving; I am not even super hunger but I do miss food. I really miss the activity of eating.

  My original plan was to go for two weeks, but then I realized Julie had planned a much shorter time. So I am pushing for two weeks but Julie is hoping to go for four days, we shall she.

  It has been a learning experience because I have found out that there are many everyday things that aren't juice.  Coffee is not juice, soup is not juice and jello is not juice either! Milk is also not consider "the juice of a cow".

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok, seriously BRose, Kombucha? Juice-fasting? We need to talk, next time I'm in MPLS, I'll hook you up with the best thing ever. (lemon-juice fast combined with psyllium husk and bentonite clay. You'll poo magic)

4:31 PM  

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