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It takes me a while to post comments, but I post every single comment that isn't spam and every once in a while I respond to them. Here is a message I got recently as a comment on a post about a ghost bike for Rachel.
"with all due respect to Rachel.....there were two other bikers killed by cars here in Minneapolis this fall. One on Lake street near Lake Calhoun & one on Broadway hit by a drunk driver.... did these two men get a ghost bike? They certainly deserve the respect. I would be available to make a ghost bike memorial to these guys."
Did these two men get ghost bikes? HOW THE FUCK SHOULD I KNOW? I HELPED TO MAKE A GHOST BIKE FOR MY FRIEND, maybe you should do the same.
Take some time to think about your comment and ask yourself, "what is the point of me opening my mouth?".  I am a mice guy; not a saint. I promise I will build a ghost bike for all my friends should the need arise. I am not here to build a ghost bike for every cyclist that has been killed or died. Were they your friends? Then get to work.
And I have said it before; if you don't post using your name then you probably know you shoulda kept it to yourself.

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