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Blue Thunder ~vs~ Airwolf


  Blue Thunder is a Urban Warfare Platform.

  • Helicopter number: N77GH
  • Jet turbine engine with boost capability, enabling 360° loops
  • Heat sensing infra-red filter for night vision
  • Closed circuit TV-camera with a 100:1 zoom-lens
  • ¾" code-numbered video-system; the tapes can be erased on signal
  • Wide-band scanner
  • "Whisper Mode" for silent flights
  • Three TV-monitors. The center monitor is connected to a vast array of data-banks
  • Twin long-range, high-sensitivity shotgun microphones
  • Cabin microphone; records cockpit conversations
  • A Harrison helmet-mounted fire control/targeting system

These are not things that would help out a lot in a dogfight, but as the movie proves, with a competent pilot in the right environment; it would be unstoppable.  Blue Thunder trounced the "Little Bird" by using its surroundings and its barrel role capability. The Little bird is faster, more maneuverable and better armed than Airwolf, so I think answer is clear. The truth is that Airwolf is little more than fictional fluff. But Stingen Hawke would make a great co-pilot or wing man since Jack Braddock was killed in the line of duty.

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