The Goathork Editorial Board has come to a Decision

  Although many members of the board have had opinions and leanings for some time; the Goathork editorial board is now pledging our support to the Campaign to elect Barack Obama as President of the United States in 2008. It was unanimous and took very little deliberation to make our decision.

  Since Hillary and Bill have been playing in the beltway traffic for 30 some years, we feel that their election would not be the "change" that Goathork is looking for. Hillary and Bill are great in their own ways but we do not think that the "business as usual candidates" are enough of a change to revitalize the democratic party. Ms Pelosi and Mr Reid have been there through the tough times and helped the democratic party get in a position of majority; but we at Goathork feel their utter failure to have "balls" in the face of the fascist republican party will, is foreshadowing the "politicking" that can be expected from the Clinton ticket.

  You can count on our presence, our dedication and our support! Goats for Obama 2008!

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