Hillary wants to be a snake in the grass...

  If Hillary wins the Presidential nomination it won't be the worst thing that could happen. A democrat will still replace the corrupt republican figurehead that sits in the chair now. But there is something that you should realize about the "Hill-Billy Campaign".

  Hillary isn't running for president on behalf of the people; I mean she isn't campaigning to just anybody. Hillary is campaigning to the delegates. She is skipping over the states that have small delegate counts. This is the kind of "corporate" style that fucks everything up. The Hill-Billy's have hired a group of experts and advisors to look at the R.O.I. and figure out how to win with all concern given to the bottom line, not the people or the state.

It's like watching the Tour Duh'France; Lance goes out and works hard in the time trial and then sits on a wheel the rest of the race. BORING!

  The Hill-Billy campaign is going for the win for the same reason Mr Bush did; to have a new trophy. Nothing more Genuine than that. They are just looking to take it back. If the cause was more important than the victory the Hill-Billy's would be campaigning to everyone not just the states that have a mathematical advantage.

  Hillary isn't the devil, but her and her hubby are playing the devil's game. Just know it for what it is.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

No,they really are the devil...

10:07 PM  

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