Note to self...

  Remember to "Fuck Northworst" and Delta. It seems to me that instead of talking about a merger you would address the debt to the city you are in and most importantly to your employees.

  All that I read says both Delta and Northworst would survive without the merger, so what is the point; oh money. Someone is going to make money. I don't think it will be any of the unions that sold out their members in the hopes that drunk_chickNorthworst would be a nice guy later and repay it's debts. And it probably won't be the city who has sucked NW's dick to get them to hang around. Like some used up cougar try to get a young man to visit more often by demeaning herself and giving him a Rolex. 

  Will it be the customers? HELL NO! You and I will be stuffing ourselves into their coffins no matter what they do. As a matter of fact it is likely that many domestic fares will go up. Every time I fly it is the single worst moment in my life up to that moment. SO my dollar per misery quotient will go up. I will actually have to pay more to hate myself for flying on an airline owned by assholes!

  As their unabashed jackassery increases my happiness decreases, and this is a trend in the world around me.

1/10th of one percent in this country own 43percent of everything around us. And a big chunk of the people in that .1 percent own or sit on the board of an Airline!

  Screw you Northwest your behavior represents the fleecing of the world around us.

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Blogger bloodline said...

so, that's supposed to be a photo of a 'cougar'... looks more like a drunk, smoker, fat chick(not that there's anything wrong with that). keep up the good work goat

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