Ok, don't get sappy on me here...

By all accounts I am a bicycle mechanic; and I have been doing it long enough to be pretty good at it. There are five people that have contributed to who and where I am now. Greg Felmley, Gerry Kraynick, Shannon Burns, Derrick Lenahan and Big Ed. Those are the five biggest career influences for me. Starting in 1992 till now; those are the five people that have made the difference in path I have taken.

I tell you this because today was a banner day and milestone for me. Big Ed came to visit me, at my shop today!! Big Ed has been a fixture in the US bike scene for a long, long time. I first met Big Ed in 1995 or 96 when he was doing SRAM dealer tours. And he has been there ever since. Ed has been there to drop my name and give me a good reference many times. And he has always been the most helpful contact at SRAM.

Thanks Ed.

(Also notice the Kraynick's t-shirt)

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Blogger bloodline said...

big ed, maybe he's from chicago? sram had a showroom there in north loop above the CHIC cooking school

3:48 AM  

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