Roy Scheider has died....

  There has been a lot of talk about how the star of "Jaws" has died. And it is true, but let's pay homage to Roy's true biggest Role. That is right; Officer Frank Murphy, the pilot of Blue Thunder.

  Be honest, Chief Martin Brody was a pussy. Frank Murphy  would kick Brody's hydrophobic ass up and down the beach all day long. And that shark would be tar-tar before a full circle elapsed on Murphy's Casio AA-85. Blue Thunder would fuck the hell out of any shark, I guarantee it!

  Blue Thunder was awesome! My stepfather and I collaborated on a model of the  helicopter when I was a kid. It was badass! I can still remember painting the cockpit.  It is one of those things I wish I still had today.  Maybe I will go on EBay and see if I can find a Casio AA-85. That would be cool.


Goathork salutes the honor of Officer Frank Murphy and his Casio AA-85. (Thanks Roy!).


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Blogger b1umb0y said...

Damn I miss that show! I always wondered who would win, Blue Thunder or Airwolf... :|

9:45 AM  

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