Seriously, how American is that?

  Remember when America was the good guys? When I was a kid that is how it hillary_aka_sopranos was. Well it doesn't feel that way anymore. The USA won't call waterboarding torture; they aren't saying they do,  they won't say they don't either. The government is working hard to insure they have a way to listen in on everything, email, phone calls, domestic, International; it's all fair game. Companies like Exxon make enough money to buy what ever courts they need and the Bushies reward them for it. Our current administration has even handed in a budget that blatantly protects the money of the wealthy at the cost of the population that needs it most.

  So what is the icing on the cupcake? I am sure a democrat will be elected in the 2008 election, so I win no matter what; but one of the candidates is pushing to politic their way to the nomination. Hillary isn't even campaigning in states that have low numbers of delegates, she is saving all her money for the big states.

  The plan is simple, why campaign in states that you don't need to? By practicing the "business as usual" wheeling and dealing so common in Washington you can weasel you way into the nomination with nothing more than Ohio, Texas and Pennsylvania and a few favors to win the super delegates.

  Why is this bad? Because the nomination could be decided by three states and Hillary's friends.  Super delegates  are being manipulated into a tool that destroys election process. This could happen no matter what circumstances surround the election, but Hillary is banking on it. If a candidate is willing to ignore 10 states to get elected, what hope do they have being represented after the office is gained.

  I won't vote for the more "experienced" if the experience in question is "How to play by the beltway rules". Hillary's experience is not the kind America needs to get on track.

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Blogger bloodline said...

it's as american as al capone or the kennedy's or some other strong arm/gangster technique to gain and hold power,,, politics as usual

9:41 AM  

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