Some things Bush said TODAY!!!

QUESTION: Mr. President, Turkey's ground offensive in northern Iraq is now a week old with no end in sight. How quickly would you like to see Turkey end its offensive — its incursion? And do you have any concerns about the possibility of protracted presence in northern Iraq causing further destabilization in the region?

BUSH:  ...Thirdly, I strongly agree with the sentiments of Secretary Gates, who said that the incursion must be limited and must be temporary in nature.In other words, it shouldn't be long lasting.The turks need to, you know, move, move quickly, achieve their objective and get out.

QUESTION: But how quickly, sir, do they need to move out?

BUSH: You know, as quickly as possible.

QUESTION: Days or weeks?

BUSH: Well, as possible.

In case you do not understand, THIS IS BUSH TALKING ABOUT INVADING IRAQ. What does this jackass know about moving out of Iraq "as quickly as possible"!!!!

full transcript here

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