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( Verb) to hork (third-person singular simple present horks, present participle horking, simple past horked, past participle horked)
  1. (slang) To foul up; to be broken.
    I downloaded the program, but something is horked and it won't load.
  2. (slang, regional) To steal.
    Can I hork that code from you for my project?
  3. (slang) To throw.
    Let's go hork pickles at people from the back row of the movie theatre.
  4. (slang, offensive) To snort from the sinuses. (Similar to hocking.)
    I felt something plugging up sinuses, so I horked a big loogie.
  5. (slang, rare, obscure) To vomit.
    I just horked up my breakfast.
  6. (slang) To gobble.
    Don't just hork down your dinner. Savor the taste!

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You look like a completely bad-ass, deranged, Amish, truck-drivin' Bono in that pic.

That is all...

...carry on.


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