Ownership has its privileges...

  Young Ashley is busting her hump to try and make it in the world today. She did what any Corporation would do. She identified her assets, set a goal and went to work. She was willing to go the extra mile to make her goal; hard work and self sacrifice are the Hallmarks of her journey.

  Remember that we don't persecute the bartender who sells a drink to an alcoholic. Spitzer carries all the weight here. And his family holds the verdict, sweet young Ashley is just doing her job.

  Men all around the country will pass judgement here in between watching FOX News and jerking off to the Hun.com.  The whole time they are imagining this kind of thing.

  Hell, it is good money... DO you think what you are doing for money is any better? 


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Blogger bloodline said...

exploitation, self-empowerment...let's call it what it is... economic slavery, pornstars are pornstars cause the can't make this much money as easily doing anything else, and soon she will develop a lifestyle to support that money, a lifestyle based on consumption and perhaps even self-medication...hey, the money is nothin' when ya gots no soul....poor ashley is a victim and she doesn't even know it, i ain't gonna tell her, are you?

10:45 AM  

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