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Taken in a place with no name (See more photos or videos here)

Some little criminals stole my bike on Sunday. Two days later Adam, Dan, Ben, B-brad, Toby, and John Cody had just finished riding Theo Wirth and were at the garage by the 331. They started riding toward 14th and 6th St as soon as I got the email from Anneka saying she had seen 2 boys with my bike - one on the handlebars. I joined the guys and we started riding around the neighborhood. Dan widened his circle more than the rest of us and saw some kid riding it with a couple other kids. He followed them to 23rd and Monroe and told them to give him the bike. He said he knew the owner and they could give it to him or he could call the cops. Dan called Adam and we all showed up. There were 7 older teenage kids on the lawn in front of the house and they told us Dan was headed south. They looked worried. We caught up with Dan a few blocks later. He had my bike over his shoulder. It was totally dramatic and Dan is my hero. 

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