Good advice from Kenny BLoggins

“If you see this bike, consider following the lead of others who have confronted the rider, explained that they know whose bike it is, and given them the option of returning it or having the coppers called on their sorry ass there and then.”

Keep your nose clean and intact, don’t write any checks your machismo can’t cash and always behave within the law. There is more than one way to crack an egg, don’t do something that makes you the criminal in the eyes of the law. In most cases confronting the thief is very effective, and if it does not work; then recruit help from law enforcement or friends if you need to, don’t get aggro alone. Don’t get your ass kicked because you wanna do the right thing. Yinz that ride bikes are not usually the tough kids in the school yard, at least not compared to those that steal the bikes in the school yard.

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