I am beyond words!!!!!!

  I am so fucking upset.  So we have a tree in front of our house that the city planted; it is the only tree on our block that has survived. BECAUSE WE TAKE CARE OF IT! We water it, and keep it happy and it grows for us. WE TOOK GOOD CARE OF THAT TREE!!!

  Some dirty fuckin degenerate came and tore half the branches off of our perfect tree.

  Say a prayer with me:

"  God Bless the worthless pieces of shit that violated our tree,

Protect their identity from me, so as they may live to redeem themselves in you eyes,

Cause so help me I will rip them limb from trunk the same way they did our tree,

Their worthless existence would  terminate at the end of my RAGE,

God whisk them away and put them somewhere safe because there is no asylum in my world,

Mother, father, brother, son and daughter would all part with their lives,

the blood and flesh of their mortal coils feeding the fruits of my boulevard,

unless you protect them; you omnipresent jackass,

I know you sat up there watching the whole thing you shithead!


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was probably that sporto-jersey wearin' Ray guy you so deeply like.


11:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Thats beyond suck.

10:43 AM  

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