If I were a great man…

  Would powerful people read my blog? And how would I know? And if the people of power did read my blog and by that I mean “The Masters of The Universe”; I would ask them, “Why do you need billion dollars?”. 

  Seriously, I am a relatively opened minded person and I truly try to listen critically, I take in as much information I can and weigh it against what I know to be right and wrong and come up with an opinion.

  So I would defy any of the Masters of the Universe to convince me that they are worth the number on their balance sheets. And if a billion dollars was not justified then I would lower the amount and ask, Why do you need .5 billion?  I would keep asking and lower till someone won their case in front of my judgement. And that is the amount they could keep or they could appeal.

  I would warn them and all others openly, appeals are never won in B Rose's court.  Your money or your head, you can have one or the other but not both. Chances are the heirs of the Masters would meet my inquiry soon enough, they can inherit your value and maybe defend it better than you.

  Goathork would decide on the morality of all the rich.

  I would do all this for $67,000 a year.

Kill a billionaire. Start at the top and work your way down.

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