Politicking and Diplomacy collide

I feel like I have put all my best nature into trying to make everyone happy. But even my cheery disposition isn't doing the trick.

The Problem: The lot behind my shop belongs to the house on the corner. The owners do not want anyone parking in their lot. They have gotten a lot of signs to make that clear. They have even made it clear that they aren't even happy with any foot traffic across their lot. And their position is made very clear by the posture they have at times taken with my customers.

I have really tried to work with the situation and be Mr. Niceguy, if you know me you know this is a stretch. It is their lot and they get to make the rules; that being said I am going no where and although I am flexible like the Birch my business is permanent like the Oak,

Currently: The Neighbors have been nice enough to call me and warn me they have called the tow truck. It seems to me that it would be easier to call me first so I can tell people to move but what do I know.

Solution: Watch yer ass. I can not protect you from the tow truck so please do not park behind my shop. It is best to park on 34th street and walk around the corner.

In the spirit of full disclosure; I am smokin mad and pissed off as all get out. I am grittin my teeth and beyond consolation. You are only hearing my side of the story and that is the only side I intend to tell. If you don't wanna see me blow my top; leave it alone.

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