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Good Morning!
I would like to take the opportunity to bring everyone's attention to the fact that today is Veteran's Day. It makes not difference if you agree with war, or who you vote for, today it is important to acknowledge and remember the everyday individual citizen who makes the choice to serve their country. There are millions and millions of people that live in America and a very, very tiny  percentage of the overall population choose to serve it, and an even smaller percentage have unfortunately given their lives for it. sara
As we all know and would agree this country has major problems, fortunately we now have hope, but overall we are incredibly blessed, I think it's also important to remember all of the positives that we have as a result of being an American, opportunities that we would never have if we lived in Afghanistan, Rwanda, Tibet.
So if you do know a vet or see one (one of those very proud men wearing a baseball cap that says veteran of...) please, please do not be shy and say thanks for your service, not just today but any day. It's easy to get caught up in our lives, but please remember that there are still soldiers, people just like you and me in Afghanistan and Iraq, that are missing out on the birth of their first child, their first year of college, their marriages, their careers, everything that we get to do every day they miss out on and have to put on hold for a year or longer. I may be in a different place now than I was when I joined the Army, but I am extremely proud of my service.
Take care everyone and have a really great day!


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Blogger matt duffin said...

Thanks for the reminder! Time to call my Mom. And my brother. And several of my uncles, my Cousin Chris... shit, I better make sure my phone has a full charge.

Oh, and thanks for the service, Sarge.

11:22 AM  

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