People come and go…

  A few years ago my friend Bob died unexpectedly. How I found out and how it happened really were a shock.

  First of all let me say, “Sir I knew Bob Luscombe and you sir are no Bob Luscombe!”.  None of us are. Bob was a singularity, I have never met anyone as gentle and willing as G-039asBob. He was a true Mensch and I so wish he was here right now.  I think Bob was  uncomfortable in his own skin most of the time, and that discomfort made Bob open and comfortable to be around. Much like the shoes a Samurai wears; seeking stability through instability.

  I think of Bob and the halcyon days spent at the Beehive often.  That was a magical time for us. It all seems perfect looking back on it; I know it wasn’t but my soul yearns for it.  There were people and places for me to turn to then that I don’t seem to have now.

  Bob I miss you so much and I apologize for not staying in touch better. I know you understand but it still hurts to think about.

This all comes up because every once in a while I get a message about Bob because of a post I did on my blog when he died. I am glad that my blog can be a location for Bob’s memory.

“Abgenix Buds said...

Only came across this when one of our coworkers stumbled across it on the NET when trying to look up Bob. What a shock this information was to all of us. Bob was an extremely intelligent, great coworker, team member & friend. There are many things that we remember about Bob, several being quite humorous when it came to various predicaments he had gotten himself into. When he first started working at with us in CA, his temporary workstation was physically located within a freezing server room. He tried his best to keep warm, bundling up in a hooded sweatshirt, hands clamped, pale faced, sneezing, etc... Whenever away from his machine, you’d expect to see SETI running in the background. He was notorious for ordering large lunches & eating less than half. (unless it was Szechwan or Louisiana Style BBQ) At times I would be the lucky recipient (or pig) who would get the other ½ of the burger or ½ of the chicken fried steak, etc… He was definitely a character & he’ll be greatly missed. R.I.P. Bob…”

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