Say it ain’t so Joe

joe   I just found out today that an old friend has passed. Joe Bungo and I were messengers together in Pittsburgh, we mostly lost contact with each other over the years but when we did see each other (Usually at Dee’s) It was like old times all over again.

  I helped him build a single speed out of an older Raliegh Professional frame, it was blue with white panels. We found some white Sante' cranks and white Velocity rims; it was really sweet. That was more than 10 years ago but I remember how excited we were to finish it. It was hip before hip was hipster.

  Joe had a very bright face, kinda like a kitten that was playing. I really enjoyed his company and always wished we would have more time in common.

  I will really miss bumping into him.

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Blogger xero said...

I recently thought of Joe and tried to look him up. When I did my heart broke into a billion pieces when I found out he had passed!! I still am having a hard time believing it!!

1:36 PM  

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