Boys arrested for throwing rocks at cyclists in Minneapolis

Three boys who allegedly threw rocks and bits of concrete at cyclists on a popular Minneapolis bike route found themselves in trouble with police Tuesday evening.

Catherine Fairbanks, 25, and her sister, Coreana Fairbanks, 21, were biking home from work at about 5 p.m. on the Midtown Greenway bike path when both women were struck on the head as they passed under the 13th Avenue bridge.

As both women dismounted and sat down, crying in pain, several bystanders stopped to help. Some called police as Catherine's boyfriend and others tried to determine who had thrown the rocks, Catherine said Wednesday.

A few minutes later, they saw a group of three boys, ages 12 and 13, throwing small pebbles at a third cyclist from another nearby street bridge.

They confronted the boys and waited with them on the bike path for police, who arrested them on suspicion of felony assault in the second degree.

On Wednesday, Minneapolis police spokesman Sgt. William Palmer said that he did not believe the boys had been charged, but that they could be soon.

The sisters got lumps on their heads, but did not go to the hospital, Catherine said, adding that they found one projectile about the size of "a Twinkie."

The third cyclist was wearing a helmet and was not hurt, she said.

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