Urban Bike Tour 2009


Urban Bike Tour 2009

There are approximately 700 bridges in Minneapolis, some of which take you to fantastic locations to drink beer, and some of which ARE fantastic locations to drink beer. In the Fat Tire Tour tradition, we’ll ride our bikes over and under as many bridges as we can during this 25-mile cruiser loop.

When: Saturday, August 15th, 2009, meet at 11 a.m. and ride at 12:30

Start: Town Hall Brewery Show up at Town Hall Brewery around 11:00 a.m. if you plan on eating first. Food is straight off the menu, beer is straight up delicious. Roll out is at 12:30. If you miss the rollout, follow your nose, it always knows.

The Route: We’ll do a counterclockwise loop north along the Mississippi, then down south through the chain of lakes, onto the Minnehaha Creek path, back along the Mississippi north to Town Hall. We’ll mix it up with, some optional off-road sections, a few beer breaks and some historical information about some of the bridges we see. Consider it like the greatest hits of Minneapolis Mafia rides all tied into one, but with a large group of superfreaks.

The Reason: Because bridges are engineering marvels, wonderful places to view the city and because Reed said so.

Also: This is a slow ride. get your all-day pass, if you wear a heart rate monitor, leave it at home, in fact, leave yourself at home, nobody gives a shit how fast you are, how much street cred you exude or how tight your pants are, if you’re scared, where a helmet, you might have to pee outside, pray for an equal number of chicks, make sure your bike doesn’t suck, carry some Xtra beer, tell your friends and plan to see the best parts of this city for the whole day.

Brought to you by: Drop, Roll and Stop Productions

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