The future is so bright! How bright is it?

For 36 years scholars have debated 1974; particularly what, of the two major happenings in 1974 are the most important. We all know what happened, B Rose was born and Freewheel bike was opened.

Both of these things changed how well your bicycle would work for evermore but how do we know which is the most important?

Well remember this day because we now have no more reason to divide ourselves debating the question...

Shockspital has purchased Freewheel Bike!!

Shockspital and Freewheel are now combined. The expertise that Shockspital has staked its reputation on and the quality service that you have come to expect from Freewheel are now working together to give you the best possible performance.

I can say that the changes coming to Shockspital will be a new larger location, better and more reliable turn around times, better communication (the phone) and a bigger smile on my face. Freewheel has always made service a priority and we intend to take that to the next level.

Shockspital will be focused on maintaining its relationships with consumers and shops as it is known for.

I am super excited about this; this is the continuation of my dream in a way that I couldn't manage without a partner like Freewheel.

This is all going to unfold really fast so keep an ear out for the detail :)

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