Keep your nose clean

Liability is always the final determining factor of any repair in a bike shop. Keep that in mind. Ask yourself these questions,
 1. Who was the last expert to touch this? (if it was you then you have some responsibility in what happens and your customer is not an expert even if he is an engineer he will likely be referred to as the "victim" or "plaintiff".) Every customer in the world will say "I wouldn't sue you!" but when they are dead with no teeth their family will.
2. Can I spend as much money on defense as the next guy in line? Law suits are like water, they follow the path of least resistance; and unless you have a wealthy family and only work in the bike shop to spend time with "the little guy" someone is going to hate on you for causing a $20,000 dollar hole in their profits while the shop defends your actions.
Innovators create and change the world on their own, and often their inventions are notable  but their path is not yours or your shops and being a conspirator in a hair brained idea makes you culpable.

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