From ML in CT..

  • I work my ass off at my bike shop to provide you with an awesome (retail/bike shop) experience. Our prices may not be the cheapest out there, but we work hard to help you understand the differences between what you're buying, so you can have the best rides possible when you leave. We charge what we charge so we can still provide you with said experience, and so we can service you in the future should your part/bike/widget stop working and need to be replaced. Sure you can probably get that part cheaper online, but who is going to answer all of your questions, listen to your stories, or adjust that part on your bike on-the-spot to keep you riding? I don't think Amazon.com can tell you how to set your cleats properly, or what's making that creaking noise when you pedal up a hill.

    So when you tell me point-blank that you're returning and item because you bought one cheaper online, you are basically telling me that you don't understand or respect the value that our shop (ie: me) provides you. Word to the wise: if you are planning on buying something online, please do not bother your local shop for info on the product. Don't ask what size you need, how to adjust it, what the warranty is, or how it installs. If you value this info, that is the reason why you pay more than you would online. We appreciate every business transaction that we get, no matter how small. It's hard not to take the online competition personally, but we put a lot of ourselves into our work, and I won't lie, it stings when we're shopped simply for price. I figured some of my fellow bike-shop-brethren would appreciate this. If you agree, share it with your friends. If you have a friend who needs this clarification, share it with them as well. Thank you.

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