Shockspital is a program I created to fill a need in consumer direct suspension service. It is like the many mechanics I have trained and other programs I have started over the years; a very important part of what makes Brian Rose, B Rose. Each thing I have done in the bike industry was always meant to out last me.         Kevin at Freewheel has been a very good friend to me and an advocate for me for more than 10 years and in that time I have had nothing but fair and honest dealing with him. Freewheel and their staff is in my opinion one of the most service centered shops I have ever known. Pete Hamer is by far the most honest and professionally focused service manager I have ever worked with and my days working with him at Freewheel will always be held in high regard. Jake is a stand up guy that will make a hard decision and never let it be personal.
  And everyday I meet more people that already have met Tyson Acker in his travels. Tyson Acker "hoops" is integrity personified. His technical proficiency has impressed me over and over. I can give no higher recommendation than I would give to Tyson. I say all of this to level one point, Shockspital is in better hands than mine.
  Freewheel will take what I have created and move it forward in ways that I had run out of energy for years ago.Freewheel was there for me when I needed them and I am always there for them. Our relationship is still strong, I just don't work there anymore. The highest honor I could ever receive for anything considered a professional accomplishment of mine is to see it go on and grow as it was intended to and Shockspital is doing just that in Freewheels capable hands. And you know I would not say this if I did not mean it.

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Anonymous murph said...

Wait, your name is Brian? I thought you were born with the simple moniker of 'B' and that was it. I feel mislead, and worse yet, betrayed. I am simply distraught knowing that you aren't just, B. Nice knowing you. Goodbye forever, cruel Brian.

5:24 PM  

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