I am in my underwear at 4:00pm (official announcement)

  I am as of about 1:30pm today... unemployed, for the first time since 2000. This should not be shocking for anybody. One of my bosses and I were just talking on Friday about the issues of hiring the previous owner of the business you just purchased to run the show (kinda). It is really destined to be short termed.
  So it should be no surprise for anyone. But I want to be clear, the wedge was me. Freewheel was more than fair and very kind with their handling of me and the transition of Shockspital to their capable hands. And I will still be around to help with Shockspital if they need it but when you are talking about Pete Hamer, Tyson Acker and Dave Vance I don't think they will need much of me.
  I have said it before and I will continue to say it, Freewheel is the most service focused shop in the Twin cities and Shockspital could not be in better hands.
  I am not sure what I will do next but it probably won't take long to figure out (it better not or my "wonderful husband" status might get down graded).

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