I am on my way to the post office, 31st and 1st. Guy runs the red light across the intersection. A few minutes later the light changes and I pull 180 degrees into the lot and the guy is waiting in the lot for a car to pull out, he has been sitting there for a few minutes blocking everything. A car behind him starts to pull out, this is nice because I will be able to pull in and the cars behind me will get off the street. Then this jackhole backs up, right into me as I beep he flips me off. Well I can't budge so we sit like that till the guy pulls all the way up to the first spot he was waiting for originally, then I can park. I don't know what the guy was thinking when he flipped me off after he backed into me, but it probably wasn't that he would be standing face to face with me. So whats he do???? PULLS A F%^$KING BABY OUT OF THE CAR AND KEEPS IT BETWEEN US!!! I figured the progeny of this hipster, wheres waldo looking ass hat can't understand what I am about to say so I let the guy have it. You know what he says in reply? AFter running a redlight, stopping the whole facking world around him, hitting my car and flipping ME off and me reading him the riot act for the next 30ft... "Nobody likes you!". I am very well liked!! I didn't tell that, I called him a coward and he scurried away without conducting his postal business. dammit

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