Binge drinking is a sign of Assholeism

What is Binge Drinking?

Binge drinking = the consumption of five or more drinks at one sitting or in a row for males and three or more drinks at one sitting for females. (Source: Harvard School of Public Health)
Binge drinking is the type of problem drinking most often engaged in by young people in the 18- to 21-year-old age range, most prevalent with college students.
Binge drinking is irresponsible, heavy drinking that often comes under the disguise of fun and games—it is terribly dangerous to the drinker and to people around him or her.

Binge drinkers:

  • Drink "to get drunk." The goal is to lose control. A person can’t lose control of just some of his or her body, mind, and behavior; the loss of control regularly crosses over into hazard zones and reaches dangerous levels with serious consequences (i.e. blackouts, alcohol poisoning, etc.).
  • Drink large quantities.
  • Drink quickly.
  • Do foolish, potentially deadly things like driving drunk, starting fights, being sexually promiscuous and taking unnecessary risks.
  • Are more likely to: damage property, have trouble with authorities, miss classes, have hangovers, experience sexual assault or unwanted sexual activity and experience injuries than those who do not.

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