Red Hot Morals from B Rose

  When I was a kid; probably in first grade, my mom worked at a convenience store. It was an AM/PM. When I would get home from school she was still at work, so I had the apartment to myself.
  One of the things I had plenty of in my life was slim jim tubes, you know the tall plastic tube/ canisters that beef sticks used to come in. Mom would bring them home for me. It was probably the most plentiful toy I had.
  I didn’t understand how thermostats worked, so It would get pretty cold in the winter in our little apartment. And since there was a problem to be solved I set about it. I had seen space heaters before at some of my more affluent friend’s houses and they seemed like a great idea.
  I took a hair dryer and pulled all the guts out, easy enough I was pretty good with a screw driver. Then I installed all those guts into one of the jerky tubes, I remember how easy it was. The self tapping screws of the hair dryer went through the plastic of the jerky tube really easy. Looking back; in my minds eye, it went together really smoothly and looked really pro. It was a transparent space heater, a real DIY success.
  Exuberance would best describe how I felt as I basked in the warmth of the world’s finest space heater… then it melted and started to smoke. I got in trouble for ruining a hair dryer and making the apartment smell like burnt plastic.
  That year I asked for a space heater for Christmas but there was no budget for something like that. I think that year I got half a slinky, but I straightened it.
  The moral of the story is, I didn’t invent anything.

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