Some of my basic rules for Facebook

1. If someone posts hateful or racist content, I block them. I just don't need to see it.
2. I only post about issues I am willing to do something about. I post a lot about the homeless problem in America, thus I volunteer a lot in shelters.
3.I only comment if I have read the content and the comments.
4. I try to read at least one other source before I comment.
5. I try to fact check every meme I see.
6. I always stop for a moment before I hit post.
7. I try not to; and I believe I don't, comment on someones post in a way that I would not want them to comment on a post of mine.
8. Name calling is always bad.
9. Don't take bait if you really don't have a horse in the race.
10. Take the time to manage your facebook. Unfollowing is a great way to keep friends at the proper distance. And an Acquaintance is just that, put them on the list, then you can post to "friends except acquaintances" when you aren't interested in the brand of comments.
11.  I don't use facebook as a source of news.

ect, ect...

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